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What drove me to write The Pinball Machine?

The preface to the book answers this question and contains the five main reasons in greater detail:

  1. A record for my daughter that she is loved. I had at one stage heard the story of an angry young lady that sought out her father and was quite abusive at his front door to which the father listened at great length, saying nothing and gave her a document. The next day the daughter returned as has remained in contact with the father ever since.

  2. A request to participate in academic research and the recognition that the social impacts needed to be more widely discussed.

  3. Information provided by experts on the impact on children and felt I had to provide a real-life story to show why we need to protect our children from this form of child abuse.

  4. Experience running men’s groups and realising that telling parts of my story was helping others as they were not alone and their reactions were normal to the abnormal situation they faced.

  5. That is the words of Plato “Your silence is consent” or “Your silence is complicity” and I decided not to be complicit or consent to this crime on our children, the impact on the suicide registers and the dysfunction that the system promotes.

I also witnessed:

  • Those that tried to speak out in forums where the so-called professionals congregate but were silenced as these forums had often been taken over by the politically correct. The so-called professionals would run a forum on “The Voice of the Child” without any method proposed to ensure it is an authentic voice or the voice they were forced to express through the child abuse that is parental alienation with “group think” being rampant. People that dared to raise a case that went against the current mantra of “women and children” were silenced with accusations of being too specific. As such I wanted to document my case.

  • Under S121 you cannot give real names. There was one organisation that put out a series of child abuse cases to raise awareness and due to the horrendous scenario outlined a judicial inquiry revealed that the case never existed, totally fabricated even though presented as real. My case is not fabricated and is real and it is real cases that need to be available for policy makers.

In Australia (and in other countries) we need better information to the facts so that can discuss things rationally and with facts rather than distorted perspectives. It is for this and other reasons that needed to be documented that I wrote this book. Hopefully the recommendations will be considered along with the need to return to basics and fix the Family Law Industry.

What drove me to write The Pinball Machine

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