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Submission #820 UNCENSORED – What the Committee is hiding from the public!

After many months, including an appeal to The Joint Select Committee on Australia's Family Law System secretariat and committee to change their decision of treating my submission as confidential (as they have done with nearly 80% of submissions) being unsuccessful, I have decided with great pain, to publish it myself. The submission

  • Contained evidence of problems within the Family Separation Industry,

  • Some areas specifically requested by the terms of reference for this inquiry matched specific chapters in my book which provides the reader with extensive documentation, evidence and reasoning why certain changes are required.

  • I was given special permission by world leading academic in children's social cognitive development, Willliam V. Fabricius to present his research.

  • The book itself has a testimonial that states “valuable suggestions for reform” from a Chief Justice of Appeals (ret) and former Member UN Human Rights Committee

So I really need to ask why they will not tell me of their deliberations and the reason it has been concealed from the public and why have I not been called upon. We need to ask why is it being concealed and possibly ignored?

My submission consisted of:

Within the book, you will also find links to other documents and other sections of the book are available on this web site.

The email of acceptance for submission #820 dated 17 April 2020 states “The unauthorised disclosure of a submission is not protected by Parliamentary Privilege”. Submission #820 is based upon my already published book that has been written under a pseudonym with name and places changed (as is the submission). It was written this way to comply with S121 of the Australian Family Law Act and protect me from people claiming slander. With the submission made under my pseudonym, parliamentary privilege is not required (which was pointed out to the committee along with my real name, with the request to publish). It also has essential attachments that I have been given permission to present to the inquiry for publication and then to publish on my website. Many of you are the reason my book was completed, hearing your stories meant I felt a duty to complete my book and expose what was happening in the Family Separation Industry and publishing my submission is no different. For those of you that have followed me and read my book then let’s face it, I doubt any other submission has been made that:

  • Has such a detailed heart wrenching personal account with analysis,

  • Experience dealing with others and their permission to document their accounts,

  • Has a published book with testimonials including one (referred to in the submission) that states “valuable suggestions for reform” from a Chief Justice of Appeals (ret) and former Member UN Human Rights Committee.

I hope you enjoy reading what the committee has decided the public should not see and will not inform me why! I would welcome feedback ideally on my facebook post (as opposed to those on shared / group sites).

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