• Trevor Cooper

I am so ashamed

Did I assault anyone? No!

Did I commit Domestic Violence? No!

Did I drive recklessly or do anything illegal? No!

Did I attend a protest against health orders and hurt police (fellow Australians)? No!

Did I insult or malign anyone? Not until wrote this!

Did I have a covid jab? Yes

In doing so:

  1. What I did was allow the government to prevent my doctor treating me.

  2. What I did was allow the government bureaucracy to create unreasonable obstacles for myself and the GP network.

  3. What I did was allow the government machinery including our Prime Minister and State Premiers to intimidate me by threatening my employment.

  4. What I did was allow government bureaucracy to override my basic freedom of choice if I should have AstraZeneca or Pfizer.

  5. I ignored the research I had previously done from reputable sources such as the RACGP

If I wanted the vaccine not specified by the bureaucracy, I would have to see the doctor, the medical practice would not bulk bill the consultation and the doctor could not prescribe what we agree to if it varied from the government recommended vaccine for my age. The doctor could only refer me to VicSIS (Victorian Specialist Immunisation Services) even though, the immunisation clinic attached to the medical practice have both vaccines available. A memo from AHPRA also revealed they are telling doctors that if they deviate from government policy, “that is based on the best scientific evidence”, they could lose their rights to practice. That directive is regardless of what research the doctor has done by their own initiative! While Dan Andrews pleaded to “see your doctor” we have seen the barriers they have put up to prevent meaningful discussions with your doctor and the clear State and Federal government influence over AHPRA.

I should point out that I am not an Anti Vaxxer. I have even been involved in raising money and getting people to present at talks aimed at eradicating Polio, a disease most people would not even remember how devastating that was on society!

While many the pro vaccine people will be applauding themselves that “we have forced another person to be vaccinated” they should not be so joyous.

Leadership is the art of leading people. What I have experienced and seen done, is certainly not the result of leadership: that provided me with the right information to make an intelligent decision, to give me alternatives that would result in the common desired outcome of management of this virus. What we have seen is the misuse of our taxes, in Victoria complete amnesia from those that ordered the establishment and oversaw the operation of quarantine facilities, contempt for the Victorian people by avoiding answering questions in our Parliament which represents the People of Victoria, thuggery by our governments, public servants and most recently the police to enforce their will on the people.

“We are all in this together” are words that do not match implementation, as we witnessed how a government can divide people rather than bring them together. When we compare the loss of income by public servants, police and hospital workers with those employees in the fitness industries that are locked out of their work over 265 days and counting, or the entertainment and hospitality sectors we cannot really say we are in this together! Many of us have been shut down, locked out, silenced and ignored.

The government is meant to be of the people and what I am seeing is certainly not how Australians want to be represented regardless of their political affiliation or their stance on vaccinations. Hopefully, this will not be the leadership model of the future as it would be my passive submission since early 2020 that has facilitated such a terrible legacy that we could leave the next generations.

I only wish I could voice my shame louder and before the next election.

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