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10 years to this day

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

10 years to this day I left the Netherlands after being attacked and told I am going to tell the police you have been abusive for 10 years and will have you put away. Since then:

  • In the foyer of the family court I was told “I should have put a bullet through you, I would have claimed Domestic Violence and would have got maximum of 6 years and probably got off”

  • A person advertising for mercenaries was hired to harass and issued veiled death threats

  • 10 court cases in Australia and the High court in the Netherlands

  • And a lot more

That is:

  • 10 years (and 10 birthdays)

  • 120 months

  • 3653 days

The result:

  • Our daughter has grown up without a loving parent

  • Our daughter has been taught to hate

  • Our daughter has learned to distrust and therefore cannot call on a parent that loves her

  • Our daughter probably has many of the classic Parental Alienation symptoms

  • Our daughter died away from her much-loved grandmother as encouraged to cut all family ties.

To discover:

  • how this is common,

  • can happen to you, your brother, your sister, your cousins, your nieces, your nephews, your sons and your daughters and

  • how governments assist the perpetrators of this form of domestic violence and child abuse,

  • the impacts on the children

  • parents that have lost the fight for their children and their children then abandoned, homeless, ejected from their home by the parent that sought control in some cases die and others with such severe psychological issues they may never recover.

10 years to this day
10 years to this day

The writing of this book and exposing myself (even under the pseudonym) became essential and traumatic. You will need to read “The Pinball Machine The Family Separation Industry and Parental Alienation”.

Trevor Cooper


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